July 16, 2024
10 Great Benefits of Using Corrosion Inhibitors

Corrosion Inhibitors have an important role to play, particularly with vehicles, but not everyone will be aware of its benefits. Here are 10 of the most important roles these chemicals perform.

1. Many of the liquids that are used in vehicles will need to come into contact with metal parts. Using these chemicals ensures that corrosion is avoided.

2. Lubricants are needed for a vehicle’s metal parts to perform their tasks, but as these they have the potential to rust the parts they touch, corrosion inhibitors are often added.

3. Fuel is stored at the refinery, delivered to garages in tankers and then pumped into vehicles. During this process, they come into contact with many metals and chemicals are needed to avoid rusting.

4. It’s not just the automotive industry that can benefit from corrosion inhibitors, however. Many domestic lubricants that are used to prise open garden equipment, loosen rusted scissors and help bike chains also require them.

5. The tanks that store water and fuel have the potential to rust and contaminate the fluids unless treated beforehand.

6. Likewise, pipes can also rust and contaminate the liquids passing through them. To avoid this, corrosion chemicals are required.

7. The construction industry is another sector that benefits from these chemicals, as many of the metals they use will be vulnerable to the weather they encounter.

8. All water systems will use inhibitors to reduce any risk of rust, which can damage its ability to carry out the role it’s required to do.

9. Metals that need to be painted, such as gates and railings, are very susceptible to rust, so corrosion inhibitors are often used.

10. The home or work boiler needs to be in full working order during these colder months of the year, so the chemicals are often used to reduce the risk of blockages and breakdowns.

Corrosion inhibitors and other diesel additives perform many important functions for many businesses and individuals.