June 26, 2024

When in Pattaya, consider booking a stay at this hotel. Here are five reasons why you should book a stay at MYTT Beach Hotel.

If you like traveling luxe, this property is amongst the few high-end properties situated in the city of Pattaya. Just a quick car ride away, Pattaya is a go-to escape for numerous Bangkokians. Here are five reasons why MYTT Beach Hotel should be your go-to choice of accommodation when in the cosy beachside town.

[All images courtesy of MYTT Beach Hotel and Fat Coco]

5 reasons to stay at MYTT Beach Hotel Pattaya

1. The location

Being a small city has its perks, the biggest one being that you can commute to a lot of places on foot. Thereby, MYTT Beach Hotel’s location is one of the hotel’s biggest selling points. Situated in the heart of North Pattaya, the property is merely a 3-minute walk to the beach; a 10-minute Songthaew ride to Walking Street, the city’s nightlife hub; and a 10-minute walk to Terminal 21 Pattaya, for those who cannot keep away from malls. The hotel’s proximity to prime locations allows you to explore the city with ease. After forcefully napping for a while, the city that never sleeps is now awake and active.

2. Pippa, the hotel’s rooftop restaurant 

Pippa, derived from the Greek word which translates to ‘lover of horses,’ is the hotel’s rooftop restaurant and bar, and our favourite area. Nestled atop the 19th floor, panoramic views are guaranteed here.

The dining outlet occupies the entire floor, featuring several sections: Pippa Sunset, Pippa House, and Red Paradise. Cocktail bar Pippa Sunset boasts a verdant, voguish design ethos, and a two-floor indoor-outdoor concept, so guests can dine al fresco on the outdoor terrace, too. Perfect for sunset cocktails. Pippa House, located in the centre comprising of both an indoor and an outdoor area, serves international fare with added Asian nuances. Lastly, Red Paradise is a venue designed for private celebrations. The private dining room is equipped with red interiors, a seating area, a bar, and a DJ booth. In terms of food, the restaurant offers a separate vegetarian menu, too. 

All in all, when at Pippa, expect good views, good food, good wine, good vibes, and good music. 

3. Other cool dining outlets

Apart from Pippa, the MYTT Beach Hotel is also home to several other cool dining outlets. For authentic Thai food, it’s Wantana, a traditional Thai restaurant. For breakfast, brunch, and desserts, it’s Pippin, a trendy, vibrant all-day eatery located a few steps from the property. For poolside cocktails with a view, it’s Lola’s Dream, a delightful, polychromatic rooftop cafe and bar. For libations in a sophisticated setting, it’s The Living, an exclusive club lounge located on the 15th floor. If food is an important part of traveling for you, you’ll be happy to know that MYTT Beach Hotel serves up an array of cuisines and outlets, each one exuding a different vibe. 

4. Fat Coco beach club

For some, Pattaya and beach clubs are like Bangkok and bars: they go hand-in-hand. Fat Coco is a must-visit beach club when in the city. Tropical, tasteful, and trendy, the beachfront polychromatic expanse is designed with a tropical theme featuring a pool cocooned with coconut trees, cacti, and cute seating zones. Fat Coco is an extension of the hotel under the same owner and is a 3-minute walk from MYTT Beach Hotel. 

5. The views

The fifth and final reason to visit MYTT Beach Hotel? Definitely the views. Whether you’re one for cityscapes or ocean vistas, MYTT Beach Hotel offers you the best of both worlds when it comes to scenery. A view from your room, a view from The Living, a few from Pippa, a view from Lola’s Dream – take your pick, sit back, and enjoy.

MYTT Beach Hotel
MYTT Beach Hotel

MYTT Beach Hotel, Pattaya 3 Alley, Muang Pattaya, +6638 259 510.

5 reasons to book a stay at MYTT Beach Hotel Pattaya