July 16, 2024
A Philosophical Look at Human Existence

If you are someone who likes philosophy, history, politics or geostrategy information then this book is for you. There is so much information packed in this book titled “Sustainable History and the Dignity of Man” by Nayef R. F. Al-Rodham it will be worth your time to read it. In addition to the information presented you will view diagrams and read case studies. This book is interesting to read for someone who is not experienced or knowledgeable about these fields. It provides you knowledge through three parts that cover the past, present and future of humanity. Of course, this is my layman interpretation.

The author takes you through history, back to the creation of the universe. Moving forward on how civilization works together and how they must continue to survive. You will read about the potential ethical choices of genetic engineering. In my opinion, who are we to decide what our population should be in the future. In the past, it was attempted through political power and fortunately stopped through human power. When the decisions are to be made and they are for medical reasons will we still find the power within ourselves to say “No” when we need to even from medical technology and science.

When I was reading this book, the message I received was as follows: we have been trying to find out who we are as people since the beginning and how are we to truly understand the world we live in unless we gain much more knowledge. Human beings have one thing that will always be a conflict when ruling our way forward, this is emotion versus reality. We seem to be emotional first and then allow reality to answer our questions or issues.

In the beginning of the book this statement stood out to me. “While mankind is predominantly motivated by emotional self-interest, what also makes us who we are includes the capacity for reason and conscious reflection.” After reading the book and reviewing the diagrams and case study, I think the future for us is simple. We as human beings still need the following: to meet our basic needs daily, a need for a positive identity, to have and feel a sense of purpose, and knowledge. This is a book that provokes you to think.