July 16, 2024
Amaryllis of Hawaii Loves To Cook “Recipes for Life”

Amaryllis of Hawaii loves to cook and prepare parties and entertain for others. It can be dinner for two or a party for fifty. She can handle. Her adventures in the kitchen began at about age twelve. She was asked to peel an onion once at a friend’s house. She didn’t know how, but she learned fast.

Over the years she has been very receptive to learning about the culinary arts. She loves the joy of cooking and the beautiful presentation of food. Amaryllis enjoys reading cookbooks & browsing through magazines for recipes & ideas. She saves them in her dream books of future possibilities. It’s so important to visualize and believe in the possibilities. If you can imagine and believe something possible, you can achieve it.

So dream it up, whatever you wish, and find images or recipes to make it happen. Look at them often to surround yourself with stimulating ideas and beauty in your subconscious mind. When people tell Amaryllis they don’t know how to cook, she thinks, my God, all you have to know is the basics of cooking to make wonderful meals creatively and easily. What we eat defines so much about us. Our culture and lifestyle are expressed by the way we prepare our food. People are so busy taking care of business that many seem to lose the joy of cooking, opting for fast foods when homemade is so much better. There are so many ways to learn, we can all become chefs at home.