May 27, 2024

There are a number of considerations to make when choosing the best car shipping company for moving your car to or from Florida, but on the surface, most companies may seem the same. The top-rated national brands all can move your car from just about any U.S. state to just about any other U.S. state and all offer both enclosed and open shipping options. A few key factors to focus on include your budget, avoiding any hidden costs, the company’s customer service ratings and, if you have any special shipping needs, whether the company covers those.


The first and most obvious consideration when picking the best car shipping company is your budget. When choosing between different shippers it’s best to get a few quotes from competing companies to make sure you get the best possible price. If saving money is important to you, many companies offer better rates if you choose terminal-to-terminal shipping (instead of having the car delivered to your door) and if you are flexible in your scheduling.

Avoid Hidden Costs

Verify that you fully understand everything you’re paying for before you sign anything. You should look for companies who guarantee their quoted prices or are upfront about potential charges. Companies with questionable ethics often charge hidden costs, including delivery fees and extra fuel charges. You don’t always get the best deal when you get the lowest quote.

Some companies may also try to pull a fast one: the author of this article recently attempted to contact Nexus Auto Transport regarding a quote the company provided and, despite the “inoperative vehicle” box clearly being checked during the quoting process, the company representative claimed the original quote did not include inoperative vehicle status and quoted a significant additional fee. Even if a hidden or dishonest fee seems modest or inconsequential, don’t hand over the keys to your car and risk additional hidden fees or dishonestly along the way—hang up and walk away.

Customer Service Ratings

Car shipping companies have to be in the business of providing excellent customer service as ratings and reviews are the only way to catch potential clients. Read up on others’ experiences by checking out ratings and reviews to see how other customers have fared with any companies you are considering.

Any major company should have plenty of reviews on Google, Consumer Affairs and Trustpilot. Keep in mind one-star and five-star reviews are often hyperbolic and may not be as trustworthy. Instead, check out two, three and four-star reviews for more realistic experiences and thoughts.

Special Shipping Needs

If you need anything more complicated than shipping a standard vehicle, be prepared for fees. While all the companies on our list can ship a sedan, SUV or pick-up truck, if you are trying to ship a larger vehicle such as a utility van, RV, food truck or farm equipment, you will need to search for a company that can handle your special shipping needs. Contact a few different companies to see if they handle what you are trying to ship and, most importantly, how much they will charge.