July 19, 2024
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Advances in computer technology have created a high demand for workers trained in computer technology skills like coding. With rapid, constant changes in technology, there is no better time to explore computer programming and coding jobs. If you’re thinking about pursuing a coding job, we can give you the information you need to get started.

Education and Preparation Required for Coding Jobs

Some companies require a college degree for coding jobs, but in many cases, you may not need a degree to learn coding skills. Bootcamps and online courses can also teach programming languages and the principles of coding. Even so, earning a degree in a coding-related field can build a strong foundation of knowledge to help you compete for coding jobs.

Whether you choose a degree or a bootcamp, you should create a portfolio to showcase your work.

Types of Degrees for Coding Jobs

Computer Science

A degree in computer science will teach you how to use technology to meet a variety of challenges. This degree typically teaches learners how to design a smartphone app, analyze data and protect user information. 

Computer Programming

A degree in computer programming covers a variety of subjects, including coding, website development, app and game creation, data analytics, mobile computing and computer programming languages. 

Information Technology

A degree in information technology teaches systems analysis and design, networking principles and programming skills that are critical for working in the information technology industry.

Computer Engineering

A degree in computer engineering teaches students about hardware and software development, digital signal processing, networking, computer systems engineering, robotics and digital processing.

Data Science

A data science degree can teach you how to identify and use statistical models and algorithms in data interpretation, machine learning, software tools, data analysis, data manipulation, computer science and statistics.

Software Engineering

A degree in software engineering explores the principles of software development, including programming methodologies, data analysis, programming languages, digital systems design, artificial intelligence, machine learning, software validation and software architecture. 

Careers Paths in Coding

If you’re interested in a career in coding, there are many opportunities to consider. Jobs related to computer science and technology are in demand, and many of those jobs require coding skills. Below are some options for coding jobs.

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning engineers research, design and build artificial intelligence (AI) systems that make automation possible. The average annual base salary for machine learning engineers is around $112,000.

Mobile Applications Developer

Mobile application developers use their coding skills to develop mobile apps and ensure these apps operate properly across platforms and devices. The average annual base salary for mobile applications developers is around $75,000.

Computer Programmer

Computer programmers create computer applications and software. These professionals make sure their applications and software work properly by writing code and scripts, debugging software and monitoring performance. The average annual base salary for computer programmers is around $66,000.

Software Developer

Software developers create computer applications and improve existing systems to help networks and devices function properly. The average annual base salary for software developers is around $74,000.

UX Designer

User experience (UX) designers work with other designers, engineers, product managers and clients to provide consumers with streamlined, functionally sound, user-focused and enjoyable experiences. The average annual base salary for UX designers is around $76,000.

Software Engineer

Software engineers work with designers, coders and programmers. These professionals develop and improve software functions, automations and design elements to ensure they are operating properly as a whole. Software engineers earn an average annual salary of around $89,000.

Data Engineer

Data engineers develop solutions that optimize data usage and accessibility. Responsibilities may include analyzing data and creating reports, dashboards and tools for consumers. The average annual salary for data engineers is around $93,000.

Web Developer

Web developers use coding and design skills to create and maintain websites and applications. Developers may work with both technical and design elements, such as user interfaces, navigation and accessibility features, software testing and functions. The average annual base salary for web developers is around $61,000.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Salaries for coding jobs vary by company and skill level. For example, web developers make an average annual salary of around $60,000, and data engineers make an average annual salary of around $93,000.

What skills do you need for coding?

Basic coding skills include knowing computer programming languages and understanding software and hardware functions. The specialized skills required for coding jobs can vary by position.

What do coders do in a day?

Coding jobs can entail anything from writing code for software applications and analyzing data to implementing improvements and collaborating with other information technology staff.