May 26, 2024

On the 21st of July every year, a cycle closes and another one opens. It is the anniversary of the Cosmic Turning Point. This is the new year-sort of. And it portends more. So much has happened within a very short time that, unless one is in the vice grip of rigidity, is troubling. Things that thirty years ago would have been anathema has become commonplace. We are witnessing an unprecedented closet cleanup that makes Sodom and Gomorrah the new city of Angels-or Los Angeles. The crust of the matter lies in the pun.

Let no one think that we have reached the lowest debasement of humanity that can be ever thought of, for that is definitely not so. We have so long reached an advanced stage of rigidity that we do not notice how low we have sunk as a people, a Nation and a globe. Think of being in an Aircraft traveling at a high speed. Being at the same speed as the aircraft, it is difficult to notice it’s speed. The world has been spiraling towards hell but the inhabitants are not noticing. Each year becomes worse than the other, be it in the Economy, Politics, Entertainment, Religion or Science and Technology. Man is bent on thwarting the natural laws and taking the short cut in a bid to prove that we human beings are gods-or at least demi-gods-who can create, recreate and change times and seasons. We can change a man into a woman (though we have not been able to make her menstruate) and vice versa, we can wed a man and a man no matter how absurd it looks. In as much as I have an understanding of the issue involved, I do not subscribe to religion and government interfering and giving them false ego prop that will find them crashing in future when such props are removed. The shock effect is bound to be devastating-so much so that it could have been better to have left them to their private closet struggles…

But then again, it is part of the sign of the times.

The times demand that every thing evil be allowed to grow bolder, demanding for attention and even enforcing acceptance. This is deemed progress, civilization and upholding of human rights. Every noble concept is being twisted out of context by ruthless intellectuals, be it in Politics, Entertainment and, more especially, Religion. The various versions of Islamic fundamentalism are cases in point. In all these, unscrupulous state agencies make strife their sole business, as the means of subjugation of lesser peoples and bedrock of their politics of territorial expansionism. And these changes are taking place in a relatively short time. It sort of started to creep in on mankind from as far back the nineteenth century-exactly at the beginning of the third quarter-and took on form in the twilight of the nineteen thirties. When the sacred number was fulfilled ten times over, at the threshold of the millennial year (the sacred number which spells Justice in deed and in the LETTER), nature celebrated the cosmic turning point with great pomp-there was an unprecedented flooding, earthquakes and other natural disasters. At the spiritual level, the Desolating Sacrilege (spoken of by the prophet Daniel) was placed at the Holy Places and the rule of intellectual calculations took over spiritual anchorages, thereby fulfilling ancient prophecies. Today, another cycle closes and our world continues its plunge into the depth of annihilation with the opening of a new cycle.

The opening of the new cycle intensifies wars of attrition and opens up new drumbeats of war at more dangerously global level. The entertainment industry will slid further into more bestial level of debasement of the noble concept of music, taking nudity and debauchery to more bestial levels. Culture, the bedrock of spiritual experiencing and maturity, receives the worst bash, since cultural distortions, infiltration and impositions tries to stamp uniformity into all peoples. Since we have more people incarnated from hell to the earth than normal people, democracy becomes government of the evil majority, of the sum total of the volition of base thought forms. This affects our day to day life, and even the legislation we attract as the human race. For this reason, Government legislation will become more anti people, anti nature and anti God.Bestiality, barbarism, cannibalism, incest and pedophilia should surprise no one if they receive legislative backings. A native American blind prophet, simply known as No Eyes, aptly put it this way more than three decades ago. ” State peoples first gonna make two or three bad laws for peoples. People not gonna have say about these laws… they gonna make many more bad Laws for people. They make laws to take away peoples’ private life, private right to spirit ways, private everything even… it gonna look like no big deal at first, but it gonna get more and more strong over peoples private stuff.” Hence the gay laws are only the beginning of evil legislation that will soon spread to most legislative chambers of the world. And law enforcers will be more and more thrown into turmoil in the battle between conscience and duty, which in essence is the battle between light and darkness, of which the darkness is being granted temporary illusion of victory. We are in the time of the so called Armageddon war, being fought in the city of Megiddo-the world of matter. The Light is currently on tactical withdrawal allowing the darkness to bring out its whole arsenal to the table. Only then can the Light spring an ambush and the fierce battle that will finally result in the withdrawal of the darkness-and annihilation thereof-will ensue. In this battle, the earth is the field and the souls of Men are the battle zones. Therefore the final onslaught brings about the greatest terror and crisis on earth-a situation that is aptly called The Great Tribulation or The great purification that the Lord Jesus Christ warned that it will be a time of tribulation that has never happened since the world began and will never happen again till the end of the world. Read Mathew’s account, based on his recollections of the Word of Christ, in Chapter 24 of his gospel. All arsenals will be deployed-destructive wars, wars of the elements through unprecedented Natural disasters, and wars each individual wages within himself either to accept the last help from God as true or to perish without it. The choice is always free, but the repercussions are bound to the choice. It is a choice between salvation and annihilation. On a broader spectrum, it heralds the collapse of both the spiritual and temporal Babylon, both cities situated on seven hills, though they be in two different continents, Europe and America, from inner decay, wars and natural disasters.

At this turning point, which coincides with the sacred number twenty times over from the stand point of the nineteenth century grand entrance, the mills are set in motion. It takes a short span to complete in the eyes of the light, but years in the world of matter. Remember, a thousand years is but a day, and here we are talking of less than an hour…