July 19, 2024
Easy Healthy Recipes – Organic Foods Explained


The organic food is not new. It is more of a new realization in 1990s. We came to a better knowledge of how conventional food differs. It all start in 1940s during the World War II period when the armed force used the chemical such as ammonium nitrate use for explosive has found that it help fertilize the crops. The variety chemicals using by armed force shift to the use for agricultural. The conventional food transform our life because of wonderful discover that chemicals increase the production capability. It elevate our ability to do more than what traditional life has offer over slow, manual, and the timing of seasonal replace with fast, automatic and demand on time.


By definition, organic food is category as produced without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, genetic engineering, growth hormones, irradiations, and antibiotics. In groceries, the organic food can be misleading by the brand packing. The “100{b930f8fc61da1f29cba34a8cbe30670691f63878f9c98a2d7d5d6527da1fb8f3} organic” on the package means that the produces and meats use all organic ingredients. “Made with organic ingredients” use 70{b930f8fc61da1f29cba34a8cbe30670691f63878f9c98a2d7d5d6527da1fb8f3} of organic ingredients. The “organic” on the package mean there are 95{b930f8fc61da1f29cba34a8cbe30670691f63878f9c98a2d7d5d6527da1fb8f3} of organic ingredients. Seldom, you will see a package with word, transitional, is the business that communicate that the organization and the farmer has a 3 years planning of going from conventional to organic in farming. It is always good to follow “USDA Organic” on the package. The government has a role in organic produces and meat also impose the standard for the farmer to abide in develop an organic food.


The conventional food has raise our knowledge of potential risks it may cause by synthetic fertilizer and pesticide thus the organic farmer has take a closer look and reinvent the better way to grow their produces through innovation biology. The farmers have replaced the conventional method by using natural fertilizer to feed the soil. Bring in the insect predator such as bee to prevent the other insects attacking the crops and promote pollinating. The farmer invests more energy to understand the science of cropping. With better knowledge of farming, the farmer use crop rotation, mechanical tillage, and management is more manual by hand pulling the weeds.

The assets of organic farming has contribution to restore an ecological balance that help conserve energy and protect the environment as result of prevent soil fertility or pest problems. Through ecological conscious, it improves biodiversity by having better genetic pool to increase the plants and animal species. The reduce of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides usage, the agriculture is up-bring naturally that it help prevent the nutrient losses and it also reduce the greenhouse effect that cause the global warming.


We acknowledge that organic produces and meat has play a great health role in assisting our body by provide quality nutrients that is free of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides which is known cause cancer risks. On other side of coin, organic produce and meats have its own drawback. Since the organic farmer has decide to use natural fertilizer. One of natural fertilizer is using the manure. The use of manure may spread the contaminants if mishandled. Fungicides are not allowed since it is chemical treatment approach and we may risk getting mycotoxins from molds in foods. The meat may have E. coli bacteria since the animal are to be free of antibiotic.

Bioengineering such as genetic manipulation in produces and meats are considered conventional. The bioengineering aims to solve world hunger problems and be able to grow anytime and anywhere with higher quality of nutrients packed in food. The resist of conventional method may affect the demand for food. Also by not allowing the chemical treatment to be used and the chance of shelf life of food life shortens. Organic food is expensive since the supply is small that create higher demand. The labor for organic food is greater thus it increase the production costs.

Changing and Growing

The increase of obesity and the knowledge of healthy responsible has drive us to take care of ourselves better by exercise and proper eating. The countries are already facing the threats of global warming that force us to change the way we do with our daily living such as recycling, reduce the transportation that use fuel, and conserve the water. Our knowledge are better than ever and the procedure of organic farming has got better and is oversee under strict standard. This has reduce the downside of organic farming and put the conventional farming to a shame.


In order to create a easy healthy recipes, the quality of nutrients we get are important in create a gourmet and healthy meal. The advance of knowledge and technological has make our cooking easy. Healthy recipes has grown daily due to the demand to living a higher and better quality of life. The preparation of meal has got better because it is free of synthetic chemical that may has damage the natural flavoring. We are shift to natural living and to live to its simple ingredients at its finest.