April 19, 2024

Flashcards are wonderful teaching tools. They offer fun, interactive learning for all levels of education for all subject types. Often created by teachers or purchased in educational stores or departments, flashcards can help with memory skills, mathematical skills, advanced discussion work, interaction via games, speaking and listening skills of all ages.

Flashcards come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. They often have space on them for students to insert their own replies and they can be personalized. In addition, flashcard software is becoming increasingly popular due to new technology. Computers are used more and more often in education.

People can get creative with the cards. For instance, popular uses of flashcards include writing calculations on one side with answers on the other, or developing thoughts on one side with pictures or other images and by writing correlating bullet points on the reverse side. Some write questions on one side, answers on the reverse. Others add colors to the cards (with markers, colored pencils, paints, chalks, etc.) and then jazz them up with colorful stickers, glitter, felt or other fun craft items.

And not only students reap rewards with flashcards. Take a look at this brief overview of who benefits and how.

Students – Of course students are among the number one benefactors of flashcards. Skills they learn using flashcards include: memory, association, verbal, cognitive, interaction, mathematical, listening and more.

Parents – Parents benefit by having tools to help their children with learning and examination preparation. Flashcards can be purchased or created fairly inexpensively, fitting into family budgets of all income levels. And the cards offer opportunities to extend learning beyond the point or points mentioned on the cards, opportunities for family interaction as well.

Teachers – Teachers benefit with flashcards in a variety of way: via teacher-directed study, self-paced student study, and by helping team up student partners, teaching them to work with the fronts and backs of flashcards for enhanced learning. Flashcards are creative outlets for many teachers, as well, allowing for use of crafting materials and instruction with imaginative teaching methodology on two sides.

So get flashcards, the little pictures that can lead to the big picture!