July 16, 2024
‘Lil Jon Wants To Do What?’: Lil Jon leaves fans impressed with his renovation skills

Lil Jon’s home remodeling show, ‘Lil Jon Wants To Do What?,’ started on HGTV on Monday, May 2, and viewers have been blown away by the Grammy winner’s talent and creativity.

Lil Jon has collaborated with Anitra Mecadon, a designer and constructor, to create stunning homes. With breathtakingly unorthodox makeover ideas that appear impossible to execute, the duo helps skeptical homeowners who feel trapped in a monotonous home find their creative wild side. His unflappable crew turns Lil Jon’s creative vision into a reality, maximizing elements that homeowners miss or never consider. The show starts with a comprehensive basement remodel, in which a family turns the room into a lively entertainment zone for the whole family, complete with a karaoke stage.


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Jon prefers to be the trendsetter rather than follow design trends and that is what the homeowners were promised, and what the couple from the first episode received. The hip-hop artist, who has dabbled in television over the years, including a guest appearance on ABC’s ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ last year, is now the star of his show. Things turned out for good when Anitra Mecadon, a home-design specialist, joined Lil Jon. Anitra has extensive expertise working on home improvement projects and has previously collaborated with HGTV. Mecadon and Lil Jon have been buddies for five years, dating back to when the rapper was binge-watching home-renovation shows while trying to fix up his own Atlanta house after a plumbing issue. After seeing her DIY Network series Mega Dens, Lil Jon reached out to Mecadon for help renovating his apartment, and the two learned they shared a special bond. The two got along pretty smoothly, and Anitra’s husband suggested that they put on a show together. What began as a simple proposal from someone has now developed into a massive show.

Many viewers believe that Lil Jon’s sudden desire to host a home design program is a bit strange. However, some have already become fascinated and can’t get enough of Lil Jon’s home improvement expertise. On Twitter, one of the HGTV viewers wrote: “Wow! Who would’ve thought @lLilJon has mad renovation skills! Yeeeaaah!!! Love the show!  #LILJONWANTSTODOWHAT @hgtv”


Another user praised the inputs from Lil Jon saying: “@LILJon The badd-assery of this basement, though! WHOO!!!  #LILJONWANTSTODOWHAT #HGTV”




Some viewers were so impressed by the output that they even invited Lil Jon and the team over to renovate their space: “Damn this is Please, @LilJon, come help design my bookstore & cafe. Upscale, VIP, Black royalty books & coffee . No stage, but I have a Dyslexia classroom. #LILJONWANTSTODOWHAT” 

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