June 26, 2024

Position: Green Roof Business-Development Specialist
Company: LiveRoof
Location: Nunica, MI, USA

Job Details:

This is a B2B position for a service-minded person who is mission driven to improve the health of the planet and its occupants (plants, ecology, animals and people). The position requires a lifetime learner with diverse interests and talents who is detail oriented, self-disciplined and team-focused.

It involves working in-office primarily, with limited travel (appx. 2 weeks during a typical year) to provide the following core services:

  • Oversight marketing and implementation.
  • Customer service and distributor support and development for licensed distributors of The LiveRoof vegetated green roof systems.
  • Inventory monitoring, product purchasing and replenishment (primarily domestic suppliers, minimally overseas) for LiveRoof vegetated rooftop systems.
  • Stewardship of pricing and margins, quality and best practices.

Our organization is privately owned, medium sized and fills very specific niches with diverse, yet integrated products. We live by lean processes, efficiency and continual improvement, and our ideal candidate will be someone who completes projects on time, professionally, and with an economy of motion.

The position requires someone who is curious and thoughtful and interested in and proficient in the sciences (including math, biology/botany/horticulture/ecology and physics) as well as general business.


$ 50,000.0 to $ 75,000 annually + Commissions

Job Type:


Number of Hires for this Role:


Required Skills:

The Green Roof Business-Development Specialist must have a strong internal drive to succeed, persuade, serve, organize and accomplish tasks and goals in a timely manner. He or she must be bright and inquisitive, decisive, efficient and timely, determined and goal oriented; above all motivated to continually learn, serve others, and to mend the planet by fostering the utilization of our products. Good communication and teaching skills, both written and verbal, are required. The Green Roof Business-Development Specialist must be an adept at communication over the phone, face to face, by email and by remote meeting.

He or she will travel two to three weeks each year to visit, train or recruit a small tight-knit network of North American distributors, and to attend conferences/tradeshows. The Green Roof Business-Development Specialist must be knowledgeable of salesmanship, training and leadership, along with having a good foundation in the sciences, marketing and business. He or she must strive to optimize the stability, growth and profitability of our organization.

  • Service minded, Mission Driven, hard-working, efficient, thoughtful, team-oriented and compelled to do what is right for others and for the environment.
  • Effective at accomplishing goals on time (and willing to work extra hours if needed to meet deadlines).
  • Track record for effective sales training and sales growth.
  • Proficiency in Word, Excel and PowerPoint required; proficiency in Suite CRM is a plus.
  • Experience with lean systems, manufacturing and logistics. International shipping and customs clearance preferred.
  • Bachelor’s degree in business development, horticulture or biology or related field with relevant experience. Passionate about learning with strong math and logic skills and minimum of high school coursework in biology, algebra, and physics (please provide transcript).
  • Ability to understand and communicate diverse information in a straight forward manner—in writing and verbally, both one-on-one and in group presentations.
  • Able to motivate, and interact with sales and management professionals.
  • Understanding of liability and risk avoidance.
  • Valid Michigan Driver’s License.

Essential Functions:

The Green Roof Business-Development Specialist facilitates sales growth and brand loyalty by representing LiveRoof LLC in the best possible manner.

  • Secondarily, this person may provide service to a limited number of wholesale accounts for our Norb Lighting, wellness lighting products.

He or she develops and supports our distributor network by…

  • Providing timely and knowledgeable customer service.
  • Coordinating orders (in conjunction with logistics dept.).
  • Training (distributors) in direct-sales methods.
  • Providing leads to distributors.
  • Using Basecamp to communicate real-time information.
  • Using GoToMeeting to host monthly distributor networking/best practices sessions.
  • Keeping aware of competitors, stormwater code-compliance and market trends and acting as a portal for information-sharing among distributor affiliates.
  • Developing and updating of PowerPoint presentations for sales support.
  • Acknowledging customer successes through occasional social media posts.
  • Monitoring and replenishing inventory (of proprietary molded and extruded products).
  • Maintaining up to date records of costs, selling prices and margins.
  • Completing import/export documentation for orders and purchases.
  • Tracking and monitoring costs, selling prices and margins.
  • Surveying distributors for annual report and periodic social media posts.
  • Planning for and hosting an annual sales and education summit (20-30 attendees/speakers).
  • Influencing marketing efforts (website and print) via customer feedback and market awareness.
  • Occasionally recruiting new distributors.
  • Occasionally researching code-compliance for distributor support.
  • Maintaining relationships with roofing manufacturers, with regular yet infrequent contact.


  • 401 k (matching)
  • Health Insurance (matching)
  • Health Savings Account
  • Paid Time Off
  • Dental Insurance (employee paid)
  • Disability Insurance
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • New Hire Referral Bonus
  • Employee Discounts

Benefit Conditions:


  • 40-45hrs/week (typically)
  • Day shift

Supplemental Pay:

Work Location:

Work Remotely:

Apply online at www.liveroof.com/careers or call Ashley at 616-935-1966 or stop in at 14109 Cleveland St. Nunica, MI 49448