May 27, 2024

This is the listing of scholars at Madison-Oneida County BOCES identified for educational excellence all through the 3rd marking length:

Top Honor Roll


Korryn Alberico, New Visions Professions; Troy Anderson, car era; Nathan Austin, out of doors energy apparatus; Austin Barrett, conservation; Gabriela Castelluzzo, early early life schooling;

Nevaeh Christmas, New Visions Professions; Gabriel Clemens, car era; Clara Congden, cosmetology; Joseph Corigliano, car collision restore tech; Alicia Davis, CBOE; James Davis, CBOE;

Josephine DePerno, early early life schooling; Elizabeth Dow, felony justice; Kaylee Drought, culinary arts; Travis Edgerton, allied well being partnership;

Andrew Freer, vocational technical preparation; Timothy Grinnell, vocational technical preparation; Cody Harp, heavy apparatus operation; Kylee Hendrickson, early early life schooling; Dawson Hinman, heavy apparatus operation;

Derek Holmes, New Visions Professions; Katelynn Ketchum, car era; Robert Kieffer, knowledge era methods/CISCO; Joan Lundrigan, cosmetology; Trevor Marsden, car collision restore tech; Ivy Murphy, cosmetology; Alexia Nichols, culinary arts; Brianna O’Drain, New Visions Professions; Zoey Olson, felony justice; Cameron O’Neil, electric/HVAC;

Maryssa Parker, well being comparable careers; Lillian Piersall, conservation; Maggie Plumley, New Visions Professions; Benjamin Rogers, culinary arts; Collin Roser, car era; Kaili Rossman, cosmetology; Kiara Santiago, CBOE;

Benjamin Scholl, New Visions Professions; Zaryn Scovil, felony justice; Sean Seymore, conservation; Mya Skinner, cosmetology; Dylan Snow, production era; Shy-Lynn Snyder, felony justice;

Dollar Strebel, conservation; Skye (Finnick) Sumner, car era; Troy-Lee Thorn, knowledge era methods/CISCO; Mya Varacalli, cosmetology; Alexis Warren, felony justice; Morgan Zike, allied well being partnership;


Payton Alpaugh, regulation and govt; Ryan Aumell, regulation and govt; Evan Austerman, New Visions Professions; Ethan Bennett, vocational technical preparation; Kalista Betz, New Visions Professions;

Sophia Bolton, New Visions Professions; Alasondra Campanaro, allied well being partnership; Daniel Cummings, regulation and govt;

Chandler Ebersold-Fuller, culinary arts; Anna Gilkinson, CBOE; Probability Jaquin, regulation and govt; Elisabeth Kilts, cosmetology;

Megan Michel, vocational technical preparation; Mark Mooney, felony justice; Emmaly Noeller, equine/animal science; Lucas Piatkowski, engineering New Visions; Arwen Relyea, felony justice;

Andrew Shantal, heavy apparatus operation; Dylan Snyder, felony justice; Mackenzie Snyder, regulation and govt; Maya Tucci, engineering New Visions; Lillian Ward, equine/animal science.


Jessica Carr, cosmetology;


Lauren Barker, culinary arts; Colby Campbell, engineering; Trinity Hardin, foundations of CTE; John Hughes, heavy apparatus operation; Ethan Nagel, out of doors energy apparatus; Emily Neuenschwander, cosmetology; Carter Perry, foundations of CTE; David Platt, out of doors energy apparatus; Edward Platt, foundations of CTE; Harry Rosbrook, knowledge era methods/CISCO; Paul (PJ) Verbitsky, out of doors energy apparatus;


Paige Burton, CBOE; Stephanie Dodge, early early life schooling; Braxton Fleming, out of doors energy apparatus; Lillyan Harvey, production era; Bradley Marris, car era; Katie Schultz, cosmetology; Brian Sitts, heavy apparatus operation; Luke Smyrski, car era;


Carissa Bennett, New Visions Professions; James Burke, CBOE; Brendyn Chapman, foundations of CTE; Selena Frazer, cosmetology; Jason Schlotzhauer Jr., New Visions Professions; Grace Smith, early early life schooling; Laura Soden, cosmetology; Ryan Walker, allied well being partnership;


Mikah Albro, engineering New Visions; Lydia Aregano, felony justice; Serenity Avery, cosmetology; Jordan Barahmeh, CBOE; Savannah Batey, knowledge era Techniques/CISCO; Jorgia Belewich, New Visions Professions;

Genna Bruno, culinary arts; Gianna Bruno, early early life schooling; Marianna Bruno, complex well being science;

Sabrina Buell, CBOE; Olivia Cameron, engineering; Jayden Cureton, heavy apparatus operation; Andrew Eastman, car collision restore tech; Seth Fellows, knowledge era methods/CISCO; Alyssa Fuller, New Visions Professions; Elizabeth Griffiths, car era; Madeline Harris, allied well being partnership; Logan Kinney, knowledge era methods/CISCO II;

Mackenzie Lally, graphic design; Natalie Discovered, equine/animal science; Mallory Leggett, equine/animal science; Erin Loosman, culinary arts; Noah Miller, production era; Amiee Molinari, allied well being partnership; Kirstin Moore, CBOE; Religion Mosley, early early life schooling; Hannah Myatt, allied well being partnership; Jayden Reese, CBOE;

Allison Schuck, early early life schooling; Elizabeth Tooker, allied well being partnership; Simon Vaccaro, CBOE; Matison Vecchiano, New Visions Professions; Mathew Webb, CBOE;


Joshua Spears, vocational technical preparation;


Ethan Roberts, CBOE;


Alexis Bentley, early early life schooling; Miranda Catanzaro, early early life schooling; Abigail Cook dinner, cosmetology; Chelsea Croniser, car collision restore tech; Caylee Crossman, felony justice; Lindsay Dingman, equine/animal science; Nevaeh Edwards, equine/animal science; Vyncent Gardner, CBOE; Ryan Grant, felony justice; Benjamin Hallenbeck, CBOE;

Shyanna Harrington, CBOE; Brandon Johnson, graphic design; Griffen Johnson, conservation; Halee Kelly, well being comparable careers; Connor Laribee, knowledge era Techniques/CISCO; Kendall Lee, well being comparable careers; Tyler Lighthall, felony justice; Mykel Logan, complex well being science; Jayden Martin, CBOE; Mallory Mondrick, vocational technical preparation;

Alex Munera, CBOE; Kaitlyn Pease, felony justice; Trever Perry, foundations of CTE; Zachary Perry, CBOE; Ava Petkers, graphic design; Chase Podkowka, CBOE;

Rebecca Redmond, early early life schooling; Hanna Riegler, knowledge era methods/CISCO; James Rogers, knowledge era methods/CISCO; Camren Curler, CBOE; Liam Russell, CBOE;

Daniella Sciortino, cosmetology; Jenna Traverso, cosmetology; Kyle Welfel, CBOE; Georgianna Wilson-Younglove, well being comparable careers; Isabella Winters, cosmetology; Sierra Yetter, CBOE; Adam Zimmerman, car era;


Keegan Byron, car era; Hannah Claxton, felony justice; Charles Go, conservation; Dylin Crowley, car era; Scott Josephs, graphic design;

Nina Madill, early early life schooling; Alexis Mazzye, equine/animal science; Rachel Mennig, New Visions Professions; Lisa Powless, allied well being partnership; Nevaeh Randel, regulation and govt;


Noah Baker, graphic design; Michael Balbuena, out of doors energy apparatus; Keegan Bauer, conservation; Alisha Boice, cosmetology; Alana Burgett, cosmetology;

Morgan Clute, allied well being partnership; James Condes, knowledge era methods/CISCO; Kiersten Condes, allied well being partnership; Caleb Decker, New Visions Professions; William Dugan, vocational technical preparation;

Keaton Fox, car era; Kaitlyn Hernandez, early early life schooling; Matthew Hicks, New Visions Professions; Evan Space, heavy apparatus operation;

Alec Hurd, knowledge era methods/CISCO; Natalie Hurd, well being comparable careers; Joseph Ingalls, graphic design; Andrew Litwak, out of doors energy apparatus; Breanne Millson, New Visions Professions; Kaiden Newman, out of doors energy apparatus; Gage O’Connor, car era;

Justin Prentice, allied well being partnership; Ellie Rose, New Visions Professions; Kayla Rose-Richmond, well being comparable careers; Keyana Vaughn, felony justice; James Wheeler IV, car collision restore tech;

Kaden Wickham, engineering; Estella Wixson, vocational technical preparation; Tristan Wooden, complex well being science; Kylie Wright, allied well being partnership;

Honor Roll


Abigail Baker, cosmetology; Celeste Beyel, graphic design; Joseph Bielby, car era; Ethan Brazie, graphic design; Noah Carr, carpentry; Brent Clark, electric/HVAC; Dylan Clark, carpentry; Cody Condon, conservation; Alexander Conway, felony justice; Theodore Countryman, car era;

Caileb Davis, heavy apparatus operation; Mitchell Davis, carpentry; Carl Finen III, heavy apparatus operation; William Forbes, carpentry; Vincent Frataccia, felony justice;

Ian Hansen, heavy apparatus operation; Renae Henry, cosmetology; Patrick Janes, culinary arts; Caleb Kehrli, carpentry; Trey Kimball, heavy apparatus operation; Gianni Liberatore, electric/HVAC;

Aurora Mariano, well being comparable careers; Jade Marsh, cosmetology; Dylan Piersall, conservation; Joshua Pritchard, carpentry; Ayla Roark, equine/animal science; Summer time Sands, early early life schooling; Edward Sherman Jr., felony justice; Tyler Skinner, carpentry; Tyler Spencer, carpentry; Ean Sweeting, equine/animal science;


Morgan Ballew, felony justice; Jacob Krocke, conservation; Christian McQuaid, body of workers readiness; Tobie Peck, knowledge era methods/CISCO; Jasmine Reed, foundations of CTE; Trista Robinson, well being comparable careers; James Robinson Jr., felony justice; Alexis Steiner, body of workers readiness; Laurel (Quinn) VanLone, regulation and govt; Dante’ Vaughn, heavy apparatus operation; Kai Williams, carpentry;


Alexis Collins, regulation and govt;


Nathan Brooks, heavy apparatus operation; Cara Fellone, cosmetology; Dominick Niles, foundations of CTE; Zoie Ostrander, well being comparable careers; Karisa Peters, cosmetology; Jayden Seaton, foundations of CTE; Declan Wilson, engineering New Visions; Declan Wilson, engineering New Visions/production era;


Kiersten Backer, well being comparable careers; Alex Hoff, knowledge era methods/CISCO; Carolanne Hopkins, early early life schooling; Joshua Kazlauskas, carpentry; Eden LaClair, conservation; Brady Morang, profession exploration; Logan Scalzo, electric/HVAC; Steven Staring, vocational technical preparation;


Evan Baker, electric/HVAC; Jacob Brooks, out of doors energy apparatus; Raygyn Brundage, out of doors energy apparatus; Aydian Cyrus, engineering; Amara Eiholzer, out of doors energy apparatus; Aidan Foster, graphic design; Hailey Hoffman, early early life schooling; Carter Lewis, carpentry; Thomas Riggall, vocational technical preparation; Garrett Sykes, foundations of CTE;


Jordan Baker, electric/HVAC; Nathan Bouchard, car era; Kyra Brown, allied well being partnership; Zander Cole, out of doors energy apparatus; Taylor Faniglula, well being comparable careers; Cassandra Goodison, cosmetology; Andrew Haley, equine/animal science; Kiersten Hines, early early life schooling; Logan Hull, out of doors energy apparatus; Miles Leahey, profession exploration;

Nicole Discovered, equine/animal science; Hannah Munger, cosmetology; Tyler Nellis, conservation; Brianna Nemcek, cosmetology; Morgan Philo, cosmetology; Emily Scranton, allied well being partnership; Jasmine Shampine, graphic design; Gabriella Simzer, carpentry; Sally Thomas, early early life schooling; Sara Updike, early early life schooling; Carlee Vanderwerken, cosmetology;


Karli Armstrong, complex well being science; Ethan Bisgrove, profession exploration; ApacheRae Botelho, foundations of CTE; Jordan Brockway, knowledge era methods/CISCO; Sierra Brown, early early life schooling; Alex Brzuszkiewicz, car collision restore tech; Zachary Carambia, car era; Michael Ciotti Jr., out of doors energy apparatus; Jaylen Clute, well being comparable careers;

Ethan Conrad, carpentry; Future Copeland, felony justice; Roberto Cruz III, car era; Mason Darling, knowledge era methods/CISCO; Chloe DeLong, vocational technical preparation; Breanne DiPaolo, cosmetology; Jenna Fanfarillo, well being comparable careers; Kerany Feliciano, cosmetology;

Damian Fernandez, profession exploration; Nicholas Gardner, graphic design; Joan Gazaille, felony justice; Alyssa Gill, well being comparable careers; Jacob Guglielmo, graphic design; Jayden Kelly, felony justice; Jakob Kippen, felony justice; Sarah Larmer, profession exploration; Kayla Manna, cosmetology; Christian Martin, knowledge era methods/CISCO; David Martin, carpentry;

Trever Martin Jr., carpentry; Rayna Massey, cosmetology; Elisabeth Morris, foundations of CTE; Caleb Murray, heavy apparatus operation; Ephram Owens, engineering; Bryanna Tempo, graphic design; Alexis Pedersen, felony justice; Haylie Pedersen, engineering; Dylan Renodin, car collision restore; Brianna Roberts, culinary arts;

Amanda Rothfritz, complex well being science; Brian Saxe Jr., car collision restore tech; Brandon Sharron, carpentry; Future Stephens, felony justice; Brody Westcott, heavy apparatus operation; Aaron Whaley, car era; Molly Wilcox, early early life schooling; Laasya Williams, equine/animal science;


Shirley Coe, cosmetology; William Douthit, carpentry; Alyssa Enslow, production era; Tyler Fisher, electric/HVAC; Peyton Graham, felony justice; Eleis Roark, graphic design;


Abbriana Albro, equine/animal science; Joseph Banks Jr., heavy apparatus operation; Rachel Burning, cosmetology; Tyler Caufield, heavy apparatus operation; Ashlee Chargo, vocational technical preparation;

Maynard Collins, knowledge era methods/CISCO; Kendra DeFelice, well being comparable careers; Nevaeh DeSalvo, cosmetology;

Alexis Dodge, cosmetology; Daniel Esch, felony justice; Alexandria Espada, early early life schooling; Michael Fatiuk Jr., heavy apparatus operation; Alex Freel, carpentry; Lorenzo Garcia, felony justice; Tobiah Garcia, car collision restore tech; Jackson Horodnick, carpentry;

Kenneth Kahl, vocational technical preparation; Sierra Kinne, allied well being partnership; Dakota Leddick, knowledge era methods/CISCO; Kendal Lehnen, well being comparable careers; Joshua Lennon, felony justice; MycKenna Maneri, graphic design; Keshler Norman, carpentry; Steven Richmond, carpentry; Matthew Rossi, electric/HVAC; Emily Seifert, vocational technical preparation;

Dawson Thomas, vocational technical preparation; George Thurston, car era; Brandon Weaver, knowledge era methods/CISCO; Jasmine Wickham, early early life schooling;


Caleb Beyah, vocational technical preparation;

Honorable Point out


Travis Baker Jr., knowledge era methods/CISCO; Emily Beckwith, well being comparable careers; Colin Boyd, conservation; Nicholas Burth, carpentry; Caleb Davis, knowledge era methods/CISCO; Anna Gilbert, early early life schooling; Kelly Harosia, graphic design; Jacob Johnson, production era;

Galen Kowalski, conservation; Kolton Loomis, heavy apparatus operation; Conor Meagher, out of doors energy apparatus; Payton Narolis, well being comparable careers; Victoria Piccolo, cosmetology; Aidan Pritchard, culinary arts; Zachary Roberson, car era; Joshua Salsman, carpentry; Kathleen Wilson, early early life schooling;


Tyler Appler, vocational technical preparation; Culley Bellino, electric/HVAC; Kalab Blowers, car collision restore tech; Joseph Bush, out of doors energy apparatus; Kolby Evans, culinary arts; Steven Hatch Jr., culinary arts; Sydney Maxwell, carpentry; Kaden Muir, culinary arts; Dustin Nourse, out of doors energy apparatus;

Ryan Popple, carpentry; Hope Learn, cosmetology; Addalyn Roberts, well being comparable careers; Brandon Siedsma, carpentry; Zackary Stevens, carpentry; Mark Tompkins III, out of doors energy apparatus; Josephine Visalli, early early life schooling; Kaitlynn Weimer, early early life schooling;


Melody Carolla, felony justice; Shaun Irwin, out of doors energy apparatus;


Coy Gilchrist, conservation; Briahna Packer, culinary arts; Benjamin Reese, culinary arts; Jayden Seeley, foundations of CTE; Emma Sprinkle, vocational technical preparation; Tyler Wolicki, conservation;


Jordyn Brewer Tennant, early early life schooling; Jack Bridge, graphic design; Nathan Chlad, electric/HVAC; Christina Parkhurst, early early life schooling; Alexis Rogers, early early life schooling; Gillian Shields, vocational technical preparation;


Jaden Ayers, electric/HVAC; Gabriel Cargill, heavy apparatus operation; Devon Clark, culinary arts; Adam Confer, car era; Miles Deaner, culinary arts; Timothy Eaton, out of doors energy apparatus; Makayla Knapp, early early life schooling; Amber Paone, well being comparable careers;

Mount Markham

Jonathan Wile, electric/HVAC;


Evan Hawkins, culinary arts;


Drako Burgess, profession exploration; Alena Dority, culinary arts; Alexandria Eaton, equine/animal science; Jack Grinnell, heavy apparatus operation; Konnor Happle, car era; Khai Hopkins, production era; Angel Lamb, complex culinary arts revel in; Alexzander Lumbrazo, culinary arts;

Connor Mickalenko, heavy apparatus operation; Courtney Mikalonis, early early life schooling; Jadeen Nelson, graphic design; Jennie Panzica, well being comparable careers; Brycen Paver, conservation; Brooke Perrault, early early life schooling II; Grace Roberts, culinary arts; Samara Swinea, cosmetology;


Julianna Merrill, profession exploration;


Abigail Aldrich, early early life schooling; Jeremy Ankin, graphic design; Janessa Barrett, cosmetology; Theron Blush, profession exploration; Dellain Bonaparte, carpentry; Edward Bonesteel III, graphic design; Cassius Bonham, electric/HVAC; Zachariah Briggs Jr., profession exploration; Zachary Dealer, knowledge era methods/CISCO;

Odin Burch, cosmetology; Kassidee Burgess, cosmetology; Macayla Campbell, equine/animal science; Gabriella Capoccia, cosmetology; Jordan Cavanaugh, CBOE; Brandon Clark, carpentry; Marianela Colon, cosmetology; Emily Cook dinner, graphic design; Lillianna Corigliano, well being comparable careers;

Brooklyn Cosimeno, culinary arts; Hunter Croniser, vocational technical preparation; Skyler Davis, cosmetology; Nathaniel English, conservation; Daniel Faes, car era; Madison Fitch, felony justice; Yulisa Gonzalez, cosmetology; Jadyn Gregory-Durgan, felony justice; Jacob Griffin, graphic design; Seth Hammon, electric/HVAC; Aiden Hanrahan, felony justice;

Damien Isom, profession exploration; Khalil Jones-Colvin, car collision restore tech; Jonathan Karangwa, culinary arts;

Dominic Kelsey, car era; Sara Kimball, profession exploration; Nicolas Leszczynski, carpentry; Cadence Lighthall, profession exploration; Christopher Morgan, conservation; Tyler Morgia, carpentry; Diane Morris, well being comparable careers; Seleena Mowers, early early life schooling;

Ashley Nutt, equine/animal science; Jonathan Palantino Jr., car era; Robert Pearson III, felony justice; Breanna Perry, equine/animal science; Tynisa Petrie, well being comparable careers; Marah Pietrowski, well being comparable careers; Darren Pratt, culinary arts; Sarah Roman, profession exploration; Emmalee Roser, felony justice;

Christen Russell, profession exploration; Shaun Samuels Jr., foundations of CTE; Alexis Sherman, profession exploration; Thomas Snell, carpentry; Olivia Taylor, equine/animal science; Charles Taylor II, well being comparable careers; Isabella Tharrett, felony justice; Blake Thurston, car collision restore tech; Jarrod Wakefield, car era; Xayvier Washington, foundations of CTE;


Jaiden Drake, profession exploration; Brayden Franklin Whaley, foundations of CTE; Reilly Gardner, engineering New Visions; Pippa Holmes, culinary arts; Layla Jayson, culinary arts; Caden Jones, conservation; Laila Mahoney, foundations of CTE; Alissa Mazzye, culinary arts; Dylan Skellham, out of doors energy apparatus; Gabriel Smith, foundations of CTE; Brienna Tehan, culinary arts;


Eli Albro, carpentry; Cheyenne Archer, heavy apparatus operation; Fiona Archer, profession exploration; Gavin Champney, heavy apparatus operation; Cody Csigi, culinary arts; Paige Enos, early early life schooling; Kiera Good friend, early early life schooling; William Inexperienced Jr., heavy apparatus operation; Emma Haas, equine/animal science; Aiden Jones, profession exploration;

Vincent Laribee, felony justice; Kerrynn Lohr, out of doors energy apparatus; Alyssa Muessig, equine/animal science; Daniel Nagel, conservation; Haydon Ostrander, conservation; Aiden Right kind, conservation; Austin Richmond, felony justice;

Tyler Shantal, electric/HVAC; Cadence Smith, car era; Joseph Stoffle, vocational technical preparation; Delandrian Whitaker, knowledge era methods/CISCO; Franklyn Williams, knowledge era methods/CISCO; and Jessica Williams, culinary arts.,135343