Malaysian Royal Recipes Interviews A Special Royal Angel, Born Into The Malaysian Royal Family

Tunku Puan Sri Azizah (Tunku is the title Malaysian Royalty are born with and Puan Sri is a title given by the Malaysian King and Aziziah is a female name). Tunku Puan Sri Azizah is an angel sent down from heaven who became my mother-in-law and mentor 32 years ago when I left Ireland and married her son Tunku Dato’ Mu’tamir (nick name Roy).

In all the 32 years I have known my mother-in-law I have never heard an angry word pass her lips and I never heard her raise her voice in any way, to her family, friends, grandchildren or her husband. All her life I heard her apologise to people even though she had done no wrong.

She never cajoled, demanded or ever asked me to follow in her Malaysian cultural ways and because of this I did so because of her gentle unassuming ways. She let me make the choice through the love she has for her son as she knew if it was my choice it would be done with a good loving and true heart…..and guess what it worked. She taught me to be forgiving and not to speak ill of people at anytime and to be humble without ego and to not expect anything in return for my deeds.

My mother in law comes from a long line of Sharifah’s. In Malaysia Sharifah’s are considered very special spiritually endowed individuals, (they pass this spirituality into one indiviual in every generation, my husband was the next chosen one, and now my youngest daugther Martika has been endowed with it) these heavenly chosen individuals are born with no bad thoughts and see the good in everything and everyone regardless. I have often heard my mother-in-law saying sorry to those around her, who say harsh words, just in case she was responsible for their words.

She taught me all the things I talk about above together with the secret royal recipes I impart on my royal recipe website, do have a look, you do not need to meet her physically, her angelic qualities will touch you through her 90th birthday photo on my website.

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