July 16, 2024
MLM Training – 8 Key Steps To Success In MLM or Network Marketing

Let me show you the 8 Key Steps To Success In Any MLM or Network Marketing Business in this article.

1. Your Dreams and Goals

2. Make A Commitment

3. Create Your Names List

4. Start Inviting Prospects

5. Show The Plan

6. Follow Up and Closing

7. Check Your Progress

8. Duplicate Your New Downline

If I just personally enrolled you into my team as a new downline team member, this is exactly the 8 steps that I will personally take you through to duplicate you into a successful network marketer.

1. Your Dreams and Goals

It is vital that you first do a top ten list of dreams that you wish to fulfill in the future. Anything from buying your first house, car, getting your children to the best universities, etc;

I will always encourage my downlines to construct a DREAM BOARD which is a piece of cardboard pasted or pinned up with photos, magazine cut outs or printed pictures of those dreams that you wish to fulfill with your new MLM or Network Marketing business.

Put this DREAM BOARD in a prominent location in your room at home where you can see it everyday the moment you wake up to remind yourself WHY you are doing this business.

Then set realistic goals with exact time limits for yourself to achieve these goals.

Sit down with your upline to discuss these specific goals as well, so that your upline knows your exact plan and will guide you and assist you to achieve them.

Usually I will set goals according to daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual goals according to:

A good example will be,

1. A goal to introduce at least 1 person to my business opportunity every day.

2. A goal to do at least 5 presentations or make at least 5 new contacts every week.

3. A goal to recruit at least 5 new team members every month.

4. A goal to make it to a certain rank advancement level in my pay plan within 3 months.

5. A goal to make it to a certain rank advancement level in my pay plan within 6 months to 1 year and qualify for a reward trip for 2 to some exotic location sponsored by my company.

Once you have your goals set with time limits, you must set out to take action and achieve those goals!

2. Make A Commitment

Draft out a simple commitment form with a list of goals you must achieve in a year, print it out and sign a copy to yourself, give one to your upline sponsor, give one to your top upline leader who has the highest rank in the company above you and one to your company CEO or President.

Once you do that, you have signed a commitment to yourself, your uplines and to your company CEO or President that you will never give up until you achieve those goals you set for yourself.

3. Create Your Names List

Take a notebook and start listing down anyone and everyone you know in your lifetime, starting from those close to you to those far from you in term of relationships, distance, job scope, hobbies etc.

A good way to do this is to use a memory jogger.

Here’s a good one that I use for my team to help them come up with a names list of at least 100-200 names.

The idea is DO NOT PREJUDGE.

What that means is, do not ASSUME that John or Anna will not be interested in your opportunity!

Remember, your role is not to be a SALES PERSON. Your role is just to PASS THE MESSAGE or the information about your opportunity using a website, or another tool which does the presentation for you.

So list down at least 100-200 names on your list, with their mobile phone numbers, email addresses and postal mailing addresses, because these are the 3 main channels that we will use to distribute the information to them about our opportunity.

After you have completed your names list, it’s time to QUALIFY the PROSPECTS from the SUSPECTS.

Now in your mind, you may already know a little bit about the background of the people on your names list.

What you need to do is rate them according to the number of stars.

Place a star next to the person who fulfills these qualities:

1. This person is financially strong

2. This person has a very strong social network and is very influential

3. This person is always keen and open to new business opportunities

4. This person has strong and positive family values

5. This person has strong leadership qualities

Now, place stars accordingly and now you will realize who are the potential ROCK STAR leaders you want in your team.

Obviously if you have a lot of 3 to 5 stars candidates, you have a very strong list. If not, it’s ok. You can still try to get referrals from those people on your list to find people who fits these 5 qualities.

Next, ask your upline or company if you have any ready made email scripts or text message scripts that you can use to BLAST to your list.

If not, you can just use something short and simple, like;

Hi [[prospect’s name]],

I have some great news to share with you!

Recently I decided to partner with a wonderful new company with some amazing product lines which I know will be VERY BIG BUSINESS and VERY BIG MONEY for you and I.

I am looking for business partners so please check out my business proposal on my website,

or call me back on my mobile xxx-xxxxx so that we can discuss more about this new venture.

This is going to BIG, but time is of the essence!

So check out my business proposal right now if you can!

Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon.

Your Name

Your Website Address

Your Phone Number

Your Email

Now these email or text message scripts should be designed to create attention and curiosity, so that your contact on your namelist will be interested enough to check out your website or call you back to ask for more information about your opportunity.

So all you have to do is to do a MAJOR BLAST to every contact on your list and let the email or text message do the talking for you.

4. Start Inviting Prospects

Now when we say Start Inviting Prospects, this means that you have already completed your initial MAJOR BLAST by email and text messaging to their mobile phones.

So, now when you make that first call, it’;s to check with them if they have received your SMS or email.

If they say, “Yes, that’s great!” Ask them if they visited your website and viewed your new business opportunity presentation.

If they say, “No, not yet.” Then just say “I have a new business venture and I want you to be my business partner. Time is of the essence, so check my email or website tonight to review my business proposal and I will call you again tomorrow to check if you are keen to explore this opportunity together.”

If they say, “Yes I have viewed the presentation”, you just need to ask them, “Do you have any questions or can we meet up today or tomorrow to discuss more about how we can work together as business partners in this new business venture?”, then set a date to meet up with them if they are local and nearby.

If they are far away in another city or country, then just help them clear up their questions and doubts on the phone and ask them if they wish to start the business or just try some products first.

5. Show The Plan

Now, in MLM or Network Marketing, the Personal Touch element is still very important. Whether your company or your team provides you with Internet websites that present the business for you is pretty important, however, in the end, in order for someone to join your team, you must still make direct contact with that person to establish a trust relationship.

Few people are going to sign up with your program until they realize that at the other end of the email or website, YOU ARE A REAL LIFE PERSON!

So if your prospect is local, it is still a best choice to arrange a meet-up with your prospect.

However, I will personally meet up with a prospect only after I have had a few conversations with him or her either by email or on the phone. I will meet up with him or her only after I have concluded that this is a very serious prospect who just needs to see me in person, face to face, so that he or she can make that final decision to join my team.

I WILL NOT meet up with someone who is too lazy to even view my presentation on my website before asking me to meet up, as that is probably going to be a waste of my time because this person has not been qualified.

According to experience, it’ll probably end up in a face to face business presentation, which will result in 1 hour wasted and the person still does not join my program!

However, if that prospect is far away in another city or country, I will not fly all the way there to meet up with them. What I will do instead is directly ask them to join my team on my website via the online signup method.

The reason I do this is simple.

If that prospect is a leader and serious in developing the business, he or she will sign up first even without meeting me. Because if I want to have an overseas downline, I want to have someone who is independent and a strong leader who can hold their own with or without me.

On the other hand, if I am too kind and decide to fly over there before the person has joined me online; there can only be 2 results. One is they join after I flew over; Second is they still do not join after I had flown over and wasted precious time, money and energy on someone who did not commit to me and the business before I committed to them. The chances are 50/50 and frankly, I am not going to take that chance because past experience has told me it’s more of a 30/70 odds against me that 30{b930f8fc61da1f29cba34a8cbe30670691f63878f9c98a2d7d5d6527da1fb8f3} chance is I will get a signup, 70{b930f8fc61da1f29cba34a8cbe30670691f63878f9c98a2d7d5d6527da1fb8f3} chance is I will waste my time, effort and money!

The most important part about SHOWING THE PLAN is to help your prospects clear up all their questions and doubts about the company, products, pay plan and the support system that you have in your company or team.

Once they have all their doubts cleared up, don’t waste time talking too much and just be direct.

Pop the BIG question, “So are you A-Big Business Builder, B-Small Business Builder or C-Consumer?”

6. Follow Up and Closing

Whether or not the answer is “Yes, Maybe or No”, you MUST STILL ASK FOR A CONCLUSION ANSWER.

Otherwise, you’ll just be going back and forth with your prospects like a swinging pendulum with NO CONCLUSION!

Once I am at this step of the process, every time I call the prospect I will just ask “So what’s your decision on this business? A, B or C?”

So until I get a “NO” from the prospect, I will never give up calling them every other 1 or 2 weeks.

They could be busy, not in the right frame of mind, still have doubts, whatever, but so long as they do not say “NO, I’m totally not interested”, I will still maintain regular follow up contact with them.

It has been my experience that an average prospect takes 7 follow up calls and usually the 8th call is the lucky one when they will either agree to meet up to understand more about the business or they will join.

Another positive way to follow up without coming across as irritating is to invite them for your next local presentation or online team conference calls or inform them of latest developments in your business like new product launches, new bonus incentives etc;

So until the “NO” appears, never GIVE UP on your follow up and closing question, “SO is it A, B or C?”

7. Check Your Progress

It is always a good habit to take an hour or so to sit down, switch off your phone, TV or whatever outside disturbances to quiet down and review your progress for the week and the month.

“Have I achieved my daily, weekly goals?”

“Did I do what I am supposed to do?”

“What mistakes did I make and how can I avoid and improve on them?”

“What’;s my next goal to build my team and business to the next level?”

You can also sit down with your successful working upline (by working upline, I mean your more experienced and successful upline, and this may not be your direct sponsor) and review your progress and your next step to the next rank advancement.

Do this regularly throughout your career, especially at the beginning 90-180 days as this is where you will avoid going in the wrong direction and missing your goals.

8. Duplicate Your New Downline

So now you have finally recruited your 1st downline team member! It’s time to go back to step 1 and guide them through steps 1 to 7 as well.

You have graduated from being a good student and it’s time to be a good teacher!

An ancient Chinese saying states that, “A Strict Teacher will produce the Best Students” and after more than 7 years in the business, I find that being soft-hearted and too nice to your downline is often bad for them. Instead, being strict and serious yields the best results!

It’s a serious business that can change your life!

So treat your business seriously and it will reap serious rewards for you as well!

Duplicate your team and achieve GREAT SUCCESS!