July 16, 2024
Networking Versus Netweaving – What Is The Difference?

Most people know about networking. Sometimes it appears that whom you know is more important than what you know! Some people want to know who knows you too! What do you think? Has this been your experience? What do you believe?

Networking has been around for a long time. It is a tactic used to go after new business, gain competitive advantage, “close deals” and get the sale! Sometimes, it can be a little superficial. Few people establish meaningful long-term relationships. Few people discover what lies under the business suit and what a person’s true passion is. Let’s be honest, the focus of networking is about you! It is all about you and not the other person!

There is a new concept gaining acceptance. It is called netweaving!

Netweaving is a new term created by Bob Littell who lives in the Atlanta metro area. netweaving is 180 degrees different from networking. With netweaving, the focus is on the other person. netweaving is seeking to help others and networking is seeking to sell to others. A Master NetWeaver listens first and looks to become a resource for other people! Bob believes that people are incomplete. Many people face challenges, have needs and problems to resolve.

Netweaving seeks to help others and not sell others! By simply asking, ” How can I help you”? Take notes about the people that you meet. You will be quite different from everybody else and your next networking event!

Commit to contacting them after the event. Meeting with them for coffee or lunch. Become a resource for them! First, seek to help them! Also, netweaving encourages people to build Trusted Resource Networks and send business to them. Check out Bob Littell’s website: http://www.netweaving.com and start netweaving today!

So should you drop networking and turn to netweaving?

Well, you can do both! Apply your networking skills to discover great opportunities. Use netweaving to make a difference with the people that you connect with at the event! Learn about netweaving! Study it! Become a disciple! If you love helping people, adopt this new philosophy. You will become a valuable resource for others and a hero for many! You will discover that people will be attracted to you and want to learn more about you! It will raise your stature in your community. You will stand out!

So, if you want to make a positive impact in your business community, become a Master NetWeaver! Teach someone else about the benefits of netweaving and pay it forward!