Packing Service Inc. Provides Insights on International Shipping Secrets

Packing Service Inc., a leading provider of packing & crating services, pelleting & loading services, shares insights on professional international shipping secrets. One of the most common notions of overseas shipping is pricey, complicated, and unreliable. Most customers are often worried about the safe arrival of their cargo, especially if they are bulky items, whether it is residential or commercial. PSI offers valuable tips and secrets to make worldwide shipping affordable, convenient, and safe for businesses. The first step is to plan the shipment carefully with sturdy and cost-effective packaging. Secondly, measure and weigh the items. Thirdly, compare the shipping costs nationally and internationally. Finally, it is advisable to choose a safe and secure shipping services provider who can also offer competitive quotes.

Packing Service Inc.

Business owners or e-commerce store owners should always choose their shipping products wisely as it can impact the overall business model. If the businesses promise international shipping, they must be able to deliver the same. Keeping the shipping rates practical and delivery dates reasonable is also essential. Proper research should be done regarding shipping rates and if the transport companies have any special rates for regular shipments. USPS and UPS offer affordable shipping but they deliver to only certain areas. Business owners can also choose to use the fulfillment services where retailers pay a flat fee for every order shipped out. The flat fees include packaging, labeling, and shipping.

Packing Service Inc. is a packing, crating, and professional international shipping services provider with a flat rate quote. Customers can either opt for shipping services at PSI or get their boxes delivered via UPS, FedEx, or DHL. This way, business owners can save time researching hundreds of companies and paying vast amounts of money for different services. Since PSI is a full-service company, people can also save money by avoiding paying separately for packing, crating, and then shipping. PSI’s non-stop shipping services also ensure that the products reach their destination faster.

PSI also offers lumper services, i.e., loading and unloading services. Having been in the industry for almost two decades, PSI understands the importance of customer satisfaction. They have achieved a 97% customer satisfaction rate because they know how the job is done safely and securely. Every staff member comes with a minimum of one year of experience and can handle loading and unloading all kinds of rental trucks, domestic containers, PODS containers, etc. There is always honest pricing, flat rate quotes with no hidden costs, no extra charges, and no time charges with PSI.

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Packing Service Inc. is a professional packing and moving services company offering top-notch services for more than 18 years now. They specialize in packing & wrapping, loading services & unloading, crating services, palletizing and moving services with nationwide and worldwide shipping.



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