July 16, 2024
Pork Asado

Pork Asado was originally a Chinese recipe that has a version made by Filipinos. Also this braised dish made out of marinated pork is unexpectedly easy to make. It’s an absolutely luminous meal and will nourish you as many as you need (only if you scale up the ingredient list). It goes well with a variety of other Filipino dishes, so you can combine it with a wide selection of meals or include it as part of a buffet. The ingredients should be easy enough to find, and the finished product is tasty with a malleable recipe that allows you to find your ideal balance of ingredients.

Filipino asado is a slab of pork braised uncut in a sweet-salty liquid, cooled and sliced, then served with the thickened braising liquid. The Chinese asado at least, in Chinese restaurants in the Philippines is roast marinated pork loin, sliced thinly and served as an appetizer, usually as piece of an assorted cold meat dish.

Here are the ingredients of the Pork Asado:

2 tbsp five spice powder
2 tbsp black peppercorn, finely ground
2 tbsp ginger, finely chopped
¾ cup light soy sauce
1/3 cup oyster sauce
¼ cup rice wine
½ tbsp sesame oil
½ cup sugar
1 tsp red food coloring
2 kg Monterey Pork Liempo
4 tbsp of honey


Merge ingredients and stir until sugar is dissolved. Marinate liempo for at least 4 hours or overnight.
Roast over a rack at 300F for 15 minutes and brush with honey. Let it cool. When cool enough to handle, slice finely and serve.
This Pork recipe amount of ingredients will provide 6 to 8 persons.


Braising (from the French “braiser”), is a combination cooking method using both moist and dry heat; normally the food is first seared at a high temperature and then finished in a covered pot with a variable amount of liquid, resulting in a particular taste. Braising of meat is often referred to as pot roasting, though several authors make a difference between the two methods based on whether additional liquid is added.


If you want to dress up the everyday pork asado dish to prepare for a special occasion like a Christmas party, arrange the pork slices on other side of the platter and fill the other half with some greens like stir-fried kangkong (water / swamp spinach) with oyster sauce.

To make the stir-fried kangkong with oyster sauce, cut one to two bunches kangkong into two-inch lengths. Stir fry in a couple of tablespoonfuls of very hot oil until just wilted, season with a little salt and pepper, add a couple of tablespoonfuls of oyster sauce and stir to blend.