July 15, 2024
Reduce Gas Mileage With Body Kits

Car lovers would like their car to be unique. For this, it is possible to alter it for looks, speed and sound. The same rule is applicable for new hybrid market, which has seen the entry of some body kits designed for hybrids such as Toyota Prius and Honda Civic. But how does it affect the greenness of the hybrid car? Does the gas mileage and competence improve after including a body kit?

The answer depends on the type of kit you are installing. Today, the kits sold are small, chic and just include delicate designing cues. As the market grow, there is a likelihood of increasing number of extreme styles, but as of now, the kit you add won’t impact the performance of your hybrids. These body kits alter the bumpers and side skirts of the car; they are normally not put over the original. So the weight of your hybrid car doesn’t increase.

Another point to take into account while adding Body kits to a hybrid car is its impact on aerodynamics. But since they are not very big, they won’t add substantial drag. But if you intend to include a big spoiler or mouth front bumper, the car can lose some gas mileage. Higher the drag of the car, harder the engine has to work. So adding very big body-kit parts can lower the gas mileage of the car.

While searching for a body-kit for your hybrid, just remember why you actually went for a hybrid. So don’t forget that any changes made to the car must not hamper its workings. But a simple yet elegant body-kit won’t affect gas mileage much.