July 16, 2024
The Application of Virtual Reality Technology in the Field of Immersive Vision Film and Television

HONG KONG, May 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — WIMI Hologram Academy, working in partnership with the Holographic Science Innovation Center, has written a new technical article describing their exploration of the application of virtual reality technology in the field of immersive vision film and television. This article follows below:

The rapid development of the social-economic level for the progress of science and technology provides new demand and strong development, in this social background, information technology arises at a historic moment, the use of information technology has changed an era of life and operation mode, brought many changes to people’s life, at the same time, the development of information technology has spawned other new science and technology, virtual reality technology (VR) and augmented reality (AR) is part of them.VR technology and AR technology is a kind of can connect reality and virtual information world emerging technology, its use brings people more rich information experience, especially in today’s film and television field, which developing rapidly in recent years, can bring the audience more immersive visual experience of virtual reality technology must be one of the directions of future high technology format image development.

Movies have been exploring and applying techniques to improve the audience’s immersion since their inception from black-white to colorful period and from 2D to 3D. So in TV, computers, mobile phones, tablets, and other display equipment so popular today, the film audio-visual effect is still difficult to surpass, film and television field has always been at the forefront of The Times, and virtual reality technology for the development of film and television creation injected new power, the technology is indispensable in the field of film and television, has gradually become a promising emerging technology. Scientists who are from WIMI Hologram Academy of WIMI Hologram Cloud Inc.(NASDAQ: WIMI), discussed the application of immersion in film viewing in the field of virtual reality technology in film and television, which mainly studies the application and development prospect of virtual reality technology in the field of film and television, and analyzes the characteristics of virtual reality technology, its role in the field of film and television and its future development trend from different perspectives.

1. Realization and characteristics of virtual reality technology

1.1. Realization of Virtual Reality technology

Virtual reality technology is a new form of animation technology that integrates computer technology, image, three-dimensional animation technology, and other technologies. Virtual reality technology is mainly completed through the computer, which can conduct an all-around simulation of visual, auditory, and even tactile perception in the real environment, increasing the experience of the user. Virtual reality technology can promote the experience of scene fidelity, and increase the connection between users and the virtual environment. While increasing the authenticity of the scene, it can also increase the participation sense of the user and improve the experience feeling of the user. This technology can have an impact on the games and the players’ participation habits. The earliest applications of virtual reality technology were used in the military. With the commercialization of virtual reality, virtual reality technology has been introduced early in film shooting. Time and space are two important dimensions, that grasp the world of the human perception, in the field of film and television, as relative to the real world and virtual space, are synchronization to the real-world space, is with the help of virtual reality technology establishing a real space, in the people is beyond the real-world ability, therefore, virtual reality technology can be widely used in the field of film and television.

1.2 Characteristics of virtual reality technology

Virtual reality technology is interactive, immersive, and imaginative, which is the “3I” feature of virtual reality. Because virtual reality technology can construct scenes in the human mind, this uniqueness makes it form a new and unique artistic category, that is, the presentation of the ninth art. Artists using virtual reality technology, can create more from the real world imagination space and brilliant scenes, virtual reality technology of immersive experience is a leap of an art form, can let static images, linear sound, and the three-dimensional world, let the existing art forms into a new form, this form can be detached from the real environment but the real world.

From the point of human art development of thousands of years, all the art forms update is a more and more complex process, from simple plane graphics to words, painting, music, drama, film, etc., are more and more plane things three-dimensional, and the use of virtual reality technology can help these art form to make a breakthrough. For example, to experience the film, virtual reality technology plays an important role in reflecting the sense of reality in the film. The biggest advantage of virtual reality technology is that it can bring the viewers a strong sense of reality, and let the viewers have the experience simulated reality. Virtual reality technology starts with the sensory experience of moviegoers, allowing moviegoers to deeply experience the emotional performance of the characters in the film, and create a real atmosphere for moviegoers.

2. Film and television application and development prospect of virtual reality

2.1 Application status of virtual reality technology in the film industry

Virtual reality in the current film industry is still in a state of exploration because VR movies and VR games are not widely recognized, leading to virtual reality movies compared with mainstream movies having a certain status gap, because the realization of the VR needs the audience first have a VR movie or VR experience, not like traditional movies only need to the cinema, plus it involves the industrial chain is cumbersome, created the limitations for its promotion in front of the public. Second, in the current has been realized in VR movies, most of the audience said their participation is not so strong, because, in the whole vision environment, the audience is more like a bystander watching the characters in the film and television movement, like in the previous drama stage, did not have too much improvement on the active operation, also cannot achieve change in the movie, close-up and features. The development of VR films has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that the original real world can be extended and expanded. The disadvantage is that the needs of VR are traditional film production methods, which need further exploration and research. Virtual reality technology in the current development needs a new mode breakthrough bottleneck state, and interactive film interactive experience demand for virtual reality technology provides a good platform, an interactive film with the support of VR technology can better create people and film interaction mode, and virtual reality technology is not limited to the traditional movie language, straight-line new route choice. In this way, the audience is no longer the ordinary viewer, but the player involved in the movie segment, they can have a more independent choice, let the reality and virtual harmony together.

2.2 The development prospect of virtual reality technology in the film industry

In recent years of exploration and research, virtual reality technology in the film industry or the game production have a certain basis and experience, the future development of VR film will be bright, at the same time we can’t ignore the progress of technology and more sophisticated film production, director and writers still bear the responsibility, although to change into VR interactive film, but also realize the division of film type and genre. Second, the script in VR movies and the traditional film is also the most important element, because in the interactive film became the audience of the main body of the plot development, how to design of the script is particularly important, need to create a more rich plot in the future, constantly accumulate experience and audience evaluation, efforts to adapt to the future ending more interactive movie script.

In addition, photography technology also needs to be improved because of the demand for VR. Special effects photography, such as “slow-motion”, “fixed motion” and “upgrade”, is fundamental to determining the user’s control of the movie scene. Because the scenes and Angles in interactive movies are chosen by the audience themselves, this mode is similar to the stage play. VR technology also brings a sense of presence to the audience, making the audience feel that the surrounding environment is very real, so we must grasp the scene picture scheduling well. Finally, the editing of VR interactive movies is more about the stage play than the traditional movies, accurately transmitting each frame to the audience’s perception.

3. Summary and outlook

In conclusion, this paper expounds on and analyzes the comprehensive listening technology of virtual reality, puts forward its development and application prospects in the interactive film industry, and explores the immersive experience and technical update of virtual reality in an interactive film. Virtual reality can not only bring a visual and auditory feast to the audience but also sublimates the pleasure of the spirit and the perception of the brain. It shortens the distance between human beings and film and television and realizes development through continuous innovation. In short, virtual reality technology will not stop, it will continue to innovate with the progress of The Times and technology, then promote the growth of the film and television industry, and constantly meet the human perception and desire for new things and the vision and thinking of the future world.

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