July 19, 2024
Unlock Announces New VP, Business Development and Partnerships Patrick Workman

Workman to lead partnerships for Unlock, the NFT-based protocol focused on connecting creators and their communities

NEW YORK, May 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Unlock, the NFT-based protocol enabling creators and their communities to form direct relationships online, is happy to announce Patrick Workman as its new VP, Business Development and Partnerships.

At Unlock, Workman will be responsible for expanding partnerships with media channels, content creators, and crypto natives to spearhead this transformation of online business models for creators.

“We are delighted to have Patrick Workman join the fast growing team at Unlock,” said Unlock Founder & CEO Julien Genestoux. “Patrick will be a key player in expanding our impact and delivering on our mission of creating a new membership model for online communities.”

Prior to Unlock, Workman was a part of Google’s partnerships team. He brings over 20 years of experience with cross-functional media, advertising and analyzing market opportunities to maximize results for fast growing technology companies.

Workman is well-versed in creating and expanding partnership networks for big technology players, with past positions at Facebook, Instagram, Experian, and Pinterest. This understanding of Web2 ecosystems motivated Workman to expand adoption of Unlock, a model that moves beyond capturing our attention to creating value between people with shared passions.

“For the web to evolve beyond surface level solutions, such as targeted advertising, it needs solutions built at the protocol level,” said VP, Business Development & Partnerships, Patrick Workman “I am thrilled to join the Unlock team to empower creators of all kinds to form direct relationships with their communities and monetize their work through NFTs.”

The movement towards Web3 offers an opportunity to implement an alternative business model for content creators trapped in the traditional walled gardens of social media and publication platforms.

Unlock enables creators to foster direct connections to their audiences that are website and app agnostic, meaning they can move to new online venues without their communities needing to set up new logins. In fact, with Unlock users never need to login to websites whose platforms harvest personal data as the price for access and then turn around and use that data to sell targeted ads.

About Unlock
Unlock is building the web’s new business model by enabling new ways for creators to monetize their content through a decentralized, access control system. Unlock’s solution is an open source, Ethereum-based protocol that streamlines membership benefits for online communities by giving creators control over subscription and access to their content, without any middlemen. The Unlock Protocol can be applied to publishing (paywalls), newsletters, software licenses or even the physical world, such as with transportation systems. The web revolutionized all of these areas – Unlock will make them economically viable.

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